[abstract] X-RAYS AT PRESSURE.

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Title: [abstract] X-RAYS AT PRESSURE.
Author: Myers, RAM; Gross, CE
Abstract: In an endeavor to place the acutely injured spinal cord patient into a hyperbaric oxygen environment at the earliest possible time an in chamber x-ray capability has been developed at MIEMSS, this description will be detailed. A self-rectified 30MA95KVP dental type x-ray head was obtained from the CGR Medical Corporation. This was pressure tested at 225 ft. to determine whether the vacuum tube within the head would implode. The x-ray head was left at pressure for over one hour and then had 12 rapid compression decompression pressure tests to 60 ft. The head was then returned for factory examination and the vacuum and x-ray tube were found to be normal. A plastic bag modification was made to the copper bellows used for absorption of expansion as a result of temperature and pressure increases on the oil expansion. The oil was changed to a halo-carbon type with a dielectric strength of 28 KV. Oil bubbles and moisture were eliminated by preheating and the system was found to be functioning normally on testing. The control panel for the x-ray machine functioning were located outside the chamber. Wiring was penetrated through the hull to the dental head within the chamber. The wiring was pressure tested and met National Fire Protection Agency and University code regulations. Coupling and uncoupling within the chamber was effected, enabling the x-ray machine to be portable. Good mobility of the x-ray head on a spring loaded support system with a 24 volt light bulb source and no electrical circuitry within the chamber was effected. Radiation scatter on activation of the x-ray beam was found to meet the radiation safety requirements. Testing of the machine under normobaric and hyperbaric conditions were then undertaken with the use of a mannequin loaned from the x-ray department. The resultant films were most acceptable and the machine was then tested on patients to determine the quality of the x-ray of the cervical spines, these provided good results and have enabled us to continue our trial on the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on acute spinal cord injury. Acknowledgement: CGR Medical Corporation
Description: Abstract of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, Inc. Annual Scientific Meeting held June 1-5,1982 in Norfolk, Virginia (http:www.uhms.org).
URI: http://archive.rubicon-foundation.org/7381
Date: 1982

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