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<p>Over the years the amount of scientific literature available about topics like decompression sickness, Oxygen tolerance, and diving equipment has grown significantly. Many of the researchers here at the Rubicon Foundation have been lucky enough to have access to some of this vast amount of knowledge as a part of our careers. In the past this information has been been hard to find, missing, and in some cases not cataloged. This reading has helped us form many of the techniques and procedures we implement on every dive.</p><BR> <p>It is our goal to leverage the power of the internet to assemble this historical information and help make it accessible to everyone.</p><BR> <p>There are several collections that have been of interest over the years. With support from the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (<A HREF="" target="_blank">UHMS</A>), Global Underwater Explorers (<A HREF="" target="_blank">GUE</A>), and The Divers Alert Network (<A HREF="" target="_blank">DAN</A>), we have been working to collect and scan these valuable resources. Even though our primary interest is in Diving, we will also be making an effort to include other topics of interest as well, such as aviation and altitude physiology.<BR></p>

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