Kirby Morgan Dive Helmet 37 Evaluation (Unmanned).

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Title: Kirby Morgan Dive Helmet 37 Evaluation (Unmanned).
Author: Briere, M; Warkander, DE
Abstract: Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU) was tasked to test and evaluate commercially available diving equipment to determine its suitability for Navy use. 1 Accordingly, NEDU performed a quick-look evaluation of the Kirby Morgan 37 helmet (KM 37) to determine whether this helmet was safe for manned evaluation in the NEDU test pool and Ocean Simulation Facility (OSF). Results of the NEDU quick-look evaluation (unmanned) have been detailed in a technical letter. 2 Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) then tasked NEDU to further evaluate the KM 37 helmet for possible inclusion among equipment listed as Authorized for Navy Use (ANU).3 An NEDU test plan was created to prescribe the additional unmanned tests as part of this further evaluation, including a freezing water resistive effort (RE) evaluation, a freezing water dive profile, and carbon dioxide (C02) retention (ventilation sufficiency) assessments. Evaluations were performed on five KM 37 helmets (serial numbers 4088KM, 4117KM, 4119KM, 4120KM, and 4121 KM) in NEDU's Experimental Diving Facility (EDF) Bravo hyperbaric chamber. The helmets were configured with the Tri-ValveTM double-exhaust valve system and quad-cover during all evaluations. The KM 37 helmet uses the SuperFlowTM 350 regulator. All evaluations were performed with the helmet in the vertical orientation, simulating a diver standing upright. A schematic showing the test setup follows the listing of references for this report.
Description: Citation Status: Active; Citation Classification: Unclassified; Title Classification: Unclassified; Report Classification: Unclassified; Identifier Classification: Unclassified; Abstract Classification: Unclassified; Distribution Limitation(s): 01 - APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE; Information provided by the Department of Defense and the Defense Technical Information Center ( is considered public information and may be distributed or copied unless otherwise specified. Use of appropriate byline/photo/image credits is requested.
Date: 2007

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