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Author: Duffner, GJ
Abstract: A thoretical no-decompression curves for dives in which am 80 helium - 20 Oxygen breathing mixture is employed was postulated from known data. 109 test dives then using depth-time combinations falling along this curve, using 17 enlisted Navy divers as subjects. The limiting rate of ascent following dives in which an 80 He - 20 O2 breathing mixture was employed was also investigated. 78 dives employing decompression were also performed. The findings were as follows: (1) there was no greater risk of decompression sickness with an He-02 mixture than with air during dives to depths of less than 200 ft and of less than 180 min. in duration. (2) The helium uptake can be described with sufficient accuracy for the purpose of computing decompression tables by employing three power function equations, (3) Rates of ascent as high as 75 ft/ min can be tolerated from 120 ft to the surface. Rates as high as 120 ft/ min can be tolerated from 120 ft to 30 ft, (4) An equation which will predict the safe no-decompression exposure when employed to compute a decompression stop predicted a stop-time almost twice too long. It was concluded that: (1) The use of HeO2 mixtures is feasible in mixed-gas scuba, (2) The range of activity can be covered by using a 50 percent and a 70 percent helium mixture, (3) A short and simple decompression procedure can be developed.
Description: Citation Status: Active; Citation Classification: Unclassified; Title Classification: Unclassified; Report Classification: Unclassified; Identifier Classification: None; Abstract Classification: ; Distribution Limitation(s): 01 - APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE; Information provided by the Department of Defense and the Defense Technical Information Center ( is considered public information and may be distributed or copied unless otherwise specified. Use of appropriate byline/photo/image credits is requested.
Date: 1959

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