Are Asthmatics fit to Dive?

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Title: Are Asthmatics fit to Dive?
Author: Elliott, DH
Abstract: CONTENTS: Preface - Saltzman HA; Panelists and Participants; Contents; Introduction; The coincidence of asthma and morbidity or mortality in recreational scuba divers involving United States citizens and reported to Divers Alert Network (DAN) - Mebane GY; Why asthmatics should be allowed to dive - Harries M; A review of spirometry and UK submarine escape training tank incidents (1987-1993) using objective diagnostic criteria - Benton PJ, Woodfine JD, Francis TJR; The basis for the pass/fail criteria used in Australia and New Zealand - Gorman DF; Assessment of asthmatic divers in the UK - Farrell P; The case for allowing asthmatics to dive - Neuman TS; The case that asthmatics should not dive - Moon RE; Concluding Statement; Discussion occurs throughout the text.
Description: Copyright Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, Inc.
Date: 1996

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